In today’s world of telecommunication many organizations are faced with the replacement of legacy phone systems that are no longer supported. At this point, you have choice:

  1. Do you simply buy something new that is simply an update of the what you have already?
  2. Do you consider changing the way you communicate today for better experience for both your employees and your clients?

There are simply too many choices for most organizations to do it themselves anymore. Cloud, hosted, managed, in addition to a new group of services, products and supplies to choose from!

Unified Communications


At Nielsen IT we work with our clients to develop a strategy first! We do this by getting to know your business through a series and of interviews, focus groups and surveys. In addition, we inventory your technology, learn from your IT department what are their IT mandates and strategies for other initiatives in order to bring it all together.

Once we have agreed on the strategy, we can work directly with your procurement department to provide the technical specifications for RFP (Request for Proposal). We can facilitate the entire vendor bid process on your behalf if required. We continue to work with our clients to evaluate the bids and provide detail analyses and recommendation based on vendor submissions.

Lastly, we are always ready to provide project oversight on all projects to ensure that our clients receive the services that were promised during the vendor evaluation process


Our Boards ageing phone system needed replacing and we didn’t have the resources, expertise and knowledge required to develop a plan that would align with our Board’s strategic vision. Emily and her team were able to quickly help us gather and evaluate the information, insight, budgetary estimates and guide us through the key decisions needed to replace our ageing phone system with a new Unified Communication system. They worked with us to ensure that the significant investment we will be making in a new UC/Telephony system is fully aligned with our Board’s strategic vision.

Chris Dale / Manager of Innovative and Collaborative Technology Services
London District Catholic School Board

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