Telecom, data and mobility services are simply getting more complex due to the sheer number of different carriers, phone companies, and the services that they provide. Many IT departments have simply lost control over their telecom and mobility costs. They know they have a problem but they simply don’t have the time or knowledge to perform a proper assessment. Another major issue is they simply get frustrated when trying to work with the phone companies.

Telecom & Mobility Audits


Let us take the stress out of the process by having us conduct this audit for you with superior results. This is a quick check list of how we get started:

  1. Perform an inventory of all services;
    • Our preference is to have electronic access to your invoices, if you are not set up at that time we will work with you to get established.
  2. Pull together your contracts and compare rates to what you are actually paying.
  3. Look for opportunities for consolidation of contracts and services.
  4. Ensure communication with IT to align any recommendations with current or future initiatives.
  5. Communicate directly with your current vendors to inquire about current plans, offerings, that could be of interest.
  6. Together we review your options and decide on the best plans/rates and services for your organization.
    • Provide detailed report that outlines current cost, identifies items that are no longer needed or required.
  7. Once we have decided on the appropriate plan we will negotiate directly with your carriers, obtain the contracts, review the terms prior to presenting them to our clients for signature.
  8. Once we have obtained our approvals we will work directly with your carriers to monitor your billing to ensure that the rates and savings that were negotiated are applied to your accounts.

Working with Nielsen IT has taken the complexity and effort out of dealing with our telecom vendors. Their expertise and experience enabled them to quickly identify substantial savings opportunities so that we have confidence that we are only paying for the services we are using and that our rates are appropriate and competitive. The engagement was very light in terms of our effort, they provided a quality report and effectively answered all our questions. Overall a very positive experience.

Randy Bennett, Mgr. of IT Infrastructure & Operations
City of Burlington

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