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iungo (Latin: iungō)              Pronunciation:  i̯un.ɡo

Meaning: To join.

Verb. To combine more than one item into one; to put together

Take Control of your telecom expenses once and for all

IUNGO™ was specifically designed by IT professionals to help clients finally make sense of their carrier contracts, inventory and associated fees. It simplifies complex monthly statements and expenses, empowering IT and Finance departments with carrier information that is clear, concise and current.

The one, for all

IUNGO™ is a bonafide System of Record for both IT and Finance departments, allowing easy access for managing all of your wireless and wireline carrier costs, invoices, contracts, services, and equipment. Say goodbye to those unreliable and outdated spreadsheets, and hello to single-source data that is fresh, accurate and updated automatically.

See more, do more

IUNGO™ provides a clear window for viewing and reporting on all of your telecom data, whether you’re in IT or Finance. Department managers can be given acccess to see their specific expenses and services, and even end-users can have access to their mobile bills.

With IUNGO™, you can finally identify (and rectify) overages, track devices, manage late fees, create timely reports and much, much more.

Save Time &  Money

Imagine finally being able to identify services that are incorrectly configured, or ones that you’re automatically paying for month after month that are no longer required.

IUNGO™ effectively ‘tames your telecom’, making it possible to actually reduce and/or optimize your operating costs without sacrificing quality of operations.

Your reports are generated quickly and easily in a number of different formats and can be segmented virtually any way you like, eliminating the need for manually creating multiple spreadsheets (and the errors that go along with them).

Purpose built from the ground up

IUNGO™– created by Nielsen IT Consulting – is a product of 20 years of experience working directly with clients on their telecom and mobility projects, and is designed to specifically address the many issues regularly faced by IT, procurement and finance departments.

IUNGO™ was designed to save our clients time, money and provide better accountability. Call us today for a demonstration:
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