Independent Consulting is core to our business which means there is no concern for a “conflict of Interest”.

At Nielsen IT Consulting Inc. we have built our business on providing our clients unbiased consulting services. We are able to do that because we do not have financial interest in service providers, manufacturers and/or integrators. Remaining independent is core to our mission and ensures our ability to provide objective recommendations to our clients when making their purchase decisions.

The Back Story

Since 1999, Nielsen IT Consulting Inc. has been committed to providing thoughtful and independent advice and recommendations based on our clients’ unique requirements. The core foundation of the Nielsen consulting team, Emily Nielsen and Paul Van Dam, have worked together for 20 years. Emily and Paul have collaborated on hundreds of projects, providing expertise in this changing field of telecommunications, unified communications, and contact centres. Both understand the marketplace, product offerings and that any one product or service does not fit everyone!

Together, they are recognized and respected within the supplier community for their knowledge and professionalism.
While working with several clients on their IT and telephony needs, both recognized the need to have a better way of managing their carrier bills. Having access to hundreds of client’s invoices over the years, they routinely observed the overspending of services for both wireline and mobility services. In general, this overspending is caused by the carriers complicated billing methods, automated contract renewals, confusing descriptions of services and no incentive for the carrier to provide advice on how to reduce spending. Unfortunately, the customer is left on their own to manage and scrutinize their own billing.

Together they developed and launched IUNGO™ a TEM (Telecom Expense Management) product with a fresh perspective on how to better manage enterprise networks and realize monthly savings.

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Emily Nielsen

Project Leader / Unified Communications Consultant

Paul Van Dam

Contact Centre Architect/UC Specialist

Our Partners

Contact Strategies Inc. has been a key partner of Nielsen IT Consulting Inc. (Nielsen IT) for over 20 years. The relationship began many years earlier when both Emily Nielsen and Deborah Morden were employed at Bell Canada; Deborah being the Senior Contact Centre Consultant to national accounts in the finance and manufacturing sectors.

Nielsen IT and Contact Strategies have collaborated on numerous client and contact centre projects in Canada and the U.S. Nielsen IT provides the IT and Telephony expertise, while Contact Strategies focuses on effective and efficient contact centre operations with expertise specific to the critical people and process components of a successful contact centre.

Jane Finn

Contact Centre Program Specialist

Deborah Morden

Contact Centre Program Specialist

Our Memberships

MISA/ASIM Canada logoWe are a member of MISA, we participate and support their annual conferences.


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Based on the needs of the City, Nielsen designed our next phone system and created the RFQ for this system while performing a cost-savings analysis. The design and RFQ saved much time when I was comparing phone system solutions from the various vendors. Once a vendor has been selected I will use the savings report from the analysis to show City council how I can help fund my phone system replacement project.
Naeem Khan, Manager of IT and Business Systems
City of Stratford