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2024 Marks our 25th Year in Business!

It all started with our founder Emily Nielsen, who decided to exercise a buy-out that was offered to 10,000 Bell Canada employees to leave the company. With that money in hand, Emily walked out of the Bell building in London, Ontario and into the Government building next door and registered the business, February 1999. For $56.00 the company was registered, and we were in business.

The vision for the company was to provide independent consulting services in telecom and IT.

That we have achieved.

We have performed hundreds of assessments, written numerous strategic plans and RFPs for our clients. We have worked alongside procurement managers and provided guidance in the procurement process for contract awards. We have seen first-hand the impact of good buying decisions on the lives of our clients.

Thank you to all our clients who have made this journey a success!

Also, a big shout out to those special individuals that worked with us along the way, your contribution to our firm was and is unmeasurable.

For a business to stay relevant it needs to evolve. Over the last 5 years, we have introduced IUNGO™ our TEM (Technology Expense Management) software to the market. IUNGO™ was developed and is owned by our firm. We believe that our 25 years of experience collaborating with clients directly has provided us with a unique perspective on what clients need to better manage their telecom/IT services and budgets.

As we look forward to the future, we are encouraged by our decision to have develop a TEM service as a valuable tool for better management and reporting.  With Canadian pride, we are proud of the fact that our service is hosted in Canada AWS data centers and the developers that we have hired to develop and support IUNGO™ are local graduates from the University of Western and Fanshawe College.

The Nielsen team are excited for the future. We invite both old and new clients to reach out and find out how we can assist your organization make better buying decisions and modernize the way you manage your inventories and costs.

Nielsen IT Consulting Inc.