Are Hundreds of Pages of Complex Telecom & Mobility Bills Landing on Your Desk Every Month?
If so, here's a simple software solution to this complex problem AND I've put together this resource page to show you how you can easily begin eliminating this billing nightmare . . .
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From: The Desk of Emily Nielsen 
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London, ON
January 7th, 2:52 PM
Watch these 4-videos then contact me for your free-trial!
here Are Four Insightful-Videos Revealing Numerous Ways You Can Begin Controlling Your Communication Costs & Assets, Over The Next 60-Days . . . for FREE
re you spending countless hours dealing with telecom and mobility invoices? 

   Are you trying to manually manage and control these costs using cumbersome and complicated spreadsheets?

   Do you find this entire process difficult and time consuming? Do you have better things to do?
   Well, if so, I've got good news for you . . .

   You see, I've worked for more than three decades in the telecommunications industry. And I'd like to show you numerous ways you can simplify this big billing-burden using a simple, software tool my firm has developed for you.

   Watch any of the four insightful-videos below to learn how you can begin reducing, optimizing and controlling your telecom, mobility and other important communication assets across your entire organization.
Begin Here With a Quick Tour of The Most Impactful Features You Can Deploy
Watch this video for a quick, high-level run through to get a 30,000 ft. view of how this software solution could positively impact your organisation's bottom line by driving overall communication cost reduction

 Discover how you can enhance the financial forecasting, reporting and accounting for your organization's combined communication costs

✔ Plus so much more . . .
Watch This to See How You Can Consolidate ALL of Your Carriers Into ONE
✔ Do you have too many carriers and too many invoices? In this video I show you how you can consolidate all of these services into one self-service software tool for easy and effective oversight

Want to know your total cost of ownership for ALL your communication costs? Play this video to see how it can be made possible.

 Watch me show you how you can find cost-savings opportunities by uncovering costly discrepancies buried inside your contracts and communication assets
Watch This to See How You Can Easily Manage Your Mobile Fleet's Costs
✔ WATCH THIS VIDEO to see how you can view your entire mobile fleet's expenses through one single dashboard with just a glance

✔ Rising mobility costs? Here I'll show you how a 12-month summary can help you know if you're on track to meet your projected results for the year

 Which devices can I upgrade? Let end-users quickly and easily check for themselves if they are eligible for a new phone upgrade
Watch This to See How You Can Better Manage Your Telecom Assets
✔ In this video I focus in on showing you how you can manage your telecom, long distance, conferencing costs and other charges and credits.

✔ What's more, I point out how to find cost-savings by uncovering legacy services, uncontracted rates, to sort and look for things
   Now, assuming you've watched the videos, I've got to ask you:

   Can I help you, for 60-days, implement this software to optimize this cost centre at no cost to you?

   Remember, I'll do this entirely for you for free. That's right. And if for whatever reason, whatsoever, you're not absolutely satisfied, you can simply cancel your free trial. No questions asked.

   Now then, if you'd just like to learn more or setup your free trialsimply click the big blue button below, leave your contact information, and I'll personally follow-up with you (through email or phone).

   Together, we can discuss whether this approach would be suitable for you or not.

   Just click the button below to take a sixty day test drive and see if this is right for you:

   Emily Nielsen,
   President of Nielsen IT Consulting Inc.
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