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Are you thinking about taking the leap to a multi-channel contact center from your traditional call center? Would you like to select the best technology solution that will be scalable for future growth and needs? This proven approach is perfect for you if…

You don’t have the time

You’re busy, too busy. You want a better call center but don’t have the time or experience to implement new technology and processes.

With our help you’ll eliminate the time you need to invest to make improvements to your call center.

You haven’t done this before

You want to change the “status quo”. You want to move from a traditional call center to a multi-media environment.

Problem is, you don’t know where to begin, what to do, and how to do it.

For that reason, you want experts with proven approaches that guarantee your success.

You don’t want to risk it

You need to make some very big decisions. Decisions that have the potential to transform your business forever or cause a major disruption.

But, you rather follow a proven approach lead by experts who can help you step over all the potential pitfalls.

You can’t get funding or support

When you try to get “buy-in” from key stakeholders they refuse to fund your call center project. The only thing you’re getting is resistance.

But you need funding to make this happen. Funding for new technology, and a budget that can accomodate the impact to current processes and staff.

With the proper plan, backed by a sound business case,  you can win over key stakeholders to support your project.

You’re overwhelmed by the number of solutions to choose from

You’ve attended the manufacturer shows and demos. You’ve carefully tried to compare and choose the right solution for your organization. Cloud or self-hosted? You can’t decide. It’s too complex, too difficult.

You just want the answer. The best choice, and the perfect solution. The thought of working with someone that could simplify your choices interests you.

In these changing times, sometimes getting external view of your call centre through a fresh lens is simply the best approach.

Don’t take your old ways and try to fit them into new communications channels.

When considering multi-channel and/or omi-channel strategies, the restrictive boundaries of the past must be removed in order to achieve a centre for exceptional client experience.

Understand your client first, then build the centre to meet their needs.  Here’s how….

Our story begins with a client journey mapping process that becomes part of the overall strategic plan for the call centre. Like all technology projects our methodology for success follows a similar process as outlined in our Unified Communications Process. But in today’s world organizations really need to examine their service delivery model as part of the technology upgrade, which means a proper examination must include their customers in addition to internal processes, technology and staff.

In today’s world most organizations build their call centres scripting and call flows to mirror the structure of the organization. Other mediums such as corporate web sites, are set up in much the same fashion. The issue with today’s consumer is that they really don’t want to have to learn about how any organization is structured. They simply want to contact you in the simple and easy fashion that is good for them. Also, no longer can you compare your delivery of services to others in your peer group. Today, all organizations are compared to those companies or service agencies which are getting it right. Everyone is always comparing your ability to deliver to their last great customer experience!

Therefore, as you consider bringing in different communication channels into your centre, such as chat and/or video. Not only does the technology have to appear to be seamless when clients are transiting from one medium to another they also desire easy access to right person the first time. Which in many organizations it is not an easy task!

Once you start to truly understand the needs of your client, then you are able to prioritize decisions around technology, processes enhancements and impact to internal staffing.

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