About us

Canada's Top Unified Communications & Call Center Consultants

We’re a consulting firm based in London, Ontario that specializes in Unified Communications and call center solutions.

We’ve selected and implemented more than $65M worth of Unified Communications and call center solutions.

We’ve tracked,  managed and optimized $10M worth of telecom and mobility expenses.

We can help you if you want better communications, a better call center, or you just want to cut your telecom and mobility expenses.

The solutions we recommend vary by vendor because we’re free of any bias and we select only what’s best for your unique needs.

What We Do

Unified Communications
  • Strategic Planning

  • Create RFPs

  • Select Best Vendor

  • Select Best Solution

  • Project Management

  • Capture ROI

Call Center
  • Strategic Planning

  • Operational Assessments

  • Client Journey Mapping

  • Create RFPs

  • Select Best Vendor

  • Select Best Solution

  • Project Management

  • Capture ROI

Telecom & Mobility
  • Telecom Cost-Savings Review

  • Mobility Cost-Savings Review

  • Telecom & Mobility Management

Meet Our Team

Emily Nielsen

President & Unified Communications Consultant

In 1999, Emily launched what has become Canada’s top Unified Communications and Call Center Consulting firm.

Carrying an impressive portfolio of 100+ projects and having managed $65 million worth of Unified Communications and Call Center solutions, she regularly acts as a trusted advisor to some of Canada’s largest organizations.

Clients work with Emily when they want to dramatically shortcut their way to the perfect solution to their most challenging communication problems.

Paul Van Dam

Contact Center Consultant

Paul has 25 years’ worth of experience in more than 10 contact center platforms. An authority in contact center and interactive voice response (IVR) design, strategy, and procurement.

He is relied on by his clients for his vendor-neutral recommendations.

Before he joined Nielsen IT, he created an IVR platform that was used by all Sears retail stores in Canada.

Bill Matichuk

Telecom Consultant

Bill is a veteran telecom consultant with 20+ years experience in the telecom and IT industry.

Starting his career with a major telecom manufacturer, Bill has developed and designed innovative mobility, voice, data and PBX solutions which support key business goals for his clients.

His expertise guarantees that he recommends the best Unified Communications (UC) solution for our clients.

Jennifer Caley

Account Manager

Jennifer is an account manager and specialist at finding significant cost-savings that are hiding in her clients’ telecom and mobility bills.

Responsible for optimizing $10+ million in telecom and mobility expenses for her clients who’ve realized the considerable profit potential within their bills.

Highly regarded by her clients for cutting their telecom & mobility expenses by up to 45%. What’s more, she even saved one client $1.14 million!

Paul Nielsen

Business Development

Paul is the one thing most Unified Communications and Call Center consultants don’t have:

A direct response Internet marketing copywriter who prefers to spend his evenings hand-copying profitable sales letters.

He’s determined to position Nielsen IT as the top consultant firm in the Unified Communications and Call Center market.

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